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Cloud Backups New Zealand


3 Reasons to Back up to the Cloud

1. No server crashes

The heavy "whirring" of gigantic fans; the heat from the wall of hardware as you enter the confined space; the sparks that fly when something goes wrong… When a server crashes, it can bring the entire company to a grinding halt. That's bad for business and can have far-reaching financial ramifications.

Cloud hosting cuts out the need for excess hardware, which can be prone to overheating, glitches and crashes. Hardware also requires regular upgrades, which can be costly. For smaller companies, cloud-based means no server at all. For larger companies, it means fewer servers for your IT team to worry about.

2. Accessibility

Effective cloud infrastructure facilitates access to your company data anywhere, anytime. That's a huge plus with remote work becoming more commonplace. Sharing files is also easier, as most cloud-based systems have built-in tools that allow files to be exchanged at the touch of a button. 

Speed and productivity soar because,  essentially, your cloud-based infrastructure places the office everywhere at once. It can be used to enhance communication, sharing and learning by making applications, updates and workflows accessible online. Timesheets can also be updated and stored in the cloud for payroll and billing purposes.

3. Lower costs

This is the golden thread that makes cloud infrastructure a real "no-brainer". Cutting costs and growing your business is always priority one. And cloud-based solutions can cut down on your overheads in several real world, real time ways. 

Cloud hosting services cut hardware costs allowing you to focus on the business of making a profit. Increased accessibility to files and applications at every level of the company saves time and resources. That also equates to higher productivity and increased output for your staff.

Take off into your own cloud

Don't worry about backups again, with our Fully Managed Backup solution we have your data protected.

Cloud-based computing, telephony, work and play are the ways of the future. Filing cabinets are big, clumsy metal drawers that take up space anymore. They're completely invisible and they exist in a streamlined digital world just one click away.

Dial a Nerd provides a holistic turnkey computer and IT service that includes cloud management of all your important files, security, accessibility and subscriptions. Call or email us today and we'll help you get your business floating upwards into the future, which is, without a doubt, cloud based.

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